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playlist manager

Herion comes with a self-hosted playlist manager feature that you won’t find anywhere else. For each song, you can set links to iTunes, Amazon, Google Play or another external link (such as AudioJungle). You can even link each song to a WooCommerce product to add an “Add to cart” icon so users can purchase products directly from the player.

player bar

Add any playlist to your section to display a cool player bar.

Album Tracklist

As an alternative to the playlist manager, you can use our awesome and flexible tracklist module. Each track can be linked to a store item so users can add it to their shopping cart directly. You can also associate a video and add a “free download” button.

  1. Hip-Hop Asylum | BMP 1301:58$99
  2. Heavy Beat | BMP 1341:30$99
  3. Mystery Lounge | BMP 1232:14$79
  4. Hip-Hop Asylum | BMP 1301:58SOLD
  5. Heavy Beat | BMP 1341:30$99
  6. Mystery Lounge | BMP 1232:14$89
  7. Heavy Beat | BMP 1341:30SOLD
  1. Hip-Hop Asylum | BMP 1301:58
  2. Heavy Beat | BMP 1341:30
  3. Mystery Lounge | BMP 1232:14
  4. Hip-Hop Asylum | BMP 1301:58
  5. Heavy Beat | BMP 1341:30
  6. Mystery Lounge | BMP 1232:14
  7. Heavy Beat | BMP 1341:30

Embed Players

Use the power of WordPress to embed your playlist from any major music platform very easily (Spotify, Soundcloud etc.). Simply paste your playlist URL and that’s it!


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Louis Prima Jr and the Witnesses

Louis Prima Jr and the Witnesses


Louis Prima Jr. and the Witnesses (louisprimajr.com) are bringing Prima music into the 21st century.

This one is worth a double posting. A great interview I did with Arroe Collins on iHeart Radio. Check it out!www.spreaker.com/user/arroe/play-it-forward-episode-341-with-louis-p_1

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iHeart Radio with Yours Truly!! Give it a listen!Listen to Louis Prima Jr.’s new interview with iHeart’s Arroe Collins about “Hey Skinny Santa!” and all things Prima! 🎙 www.spreaker.com/user/arroe/play-it-forward-episode-341-with-louis-p_1 Louis Prima Jr and the Witnesses iHeartRadio Spreaker MNRK Music

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From our home to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!I’m thankful that I am able to make music again!Tell us what you are thankful for.

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A great chat with yours truly and iHeart’s Arroe Collins about “Hey Skinny Santa”, Live music, and other things LPJ! https://www.spreaker.com/user/arroe/play-it-forward-episode-341-with-louis-p_1

Listen to Louis Prima Jr.’s new interview with iHeart’s Arroe Collins about “Hey Skinny Santa!” and all things Prima! https://www.spreaker.com/user/arroe/play-it-forward-episode-341-with-louis-p_1 🎙 @louisprimajr @Arroecollins @iHeartRadio #Christmassong

Listen to my visit with Sticky Jazz Podcast discussing our new @warriorrecords single “Hey Skinny Santa” and all other thing LPJ. @sonictroubador #music

Sticky Jazz Interview Louis Prima jr https://stickyjazz.sounder.fm/episode/sticky-jazz-interview-louis-prima-jr

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@adamcarolla wouldn’t approve..,

Louis Prima Jr. chats with Sticky Jazz about “Hey Skinny Santa!!” Take a listen to both the interview and new single! 🎅🏻🎶 https://stickyjazz.sounder.fm/episode/sticky-jazz-interview-louis-prima-jr @louisprimajr @sonictroubador

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