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The Band


Jane Doe

Lead Singer

Peter Smith


Jamal Watson


Diane Tale


Tour Dates

  • Jun22 Phoenix, AZ Fear Farm Festival Grounds Tickets
  • Jun23 Las Vegas, NV Hard Rock Hotel Tickets
  • Jun29 Atlanta, GA Lakewood Amphitheatre Tickets
  • Jun30 Orlando, FL Tinker Field Tickets
  • Jul01 St. Petersburg, FL Vinoy Park Sold out!
  • Jul02 West Palm Beach, FL Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre Cancelled

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Louis Prima Jr and the Witnesses

Louis Prima Jr and the Witnesses


Louis Prima Jr. and the Witnesses (louisprimajr.com) are bringing Prima music into the 21st century.

Clyde and I were bored this morning!Enjoy!(Clyde playing over BLOW from our album of the same name)#cat

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TEASER ALERT! Check this video for Cities we'll be announcing soon! (Turn Volume On)To say we're chomping at the bit waiting to get back on the road would be a gross understatement! We are working hard to finalize dates and get them posted to our calendar so y'all can come join in on the mayhem of our live shows! With new music in hand we'll be hitting the road again in July, and hopefully won't stop again until... well NEVER!

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ATTENTION NEW JERSEY!Stay tuned for a #livemusic update tomorrow!

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Hey A.D. Adams! We certainly haven’t had much fun the last 11 years! Whataya say we shoot for another 11?Stay tuned folks for exciting tour and new music announcements!This video was created by LPJ’s iPhone, and is purely for entertainment purposes!.A.D. Adams and Louis Prima Jr and the Witnesses proudly endorse TJS Custom Drums, Aquarian Drumheads, Vic Firth, and Paiste Cymbals!

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