We are thrilled to be a featured artist at the Who Dat Nation Rally & Music Festival

September 7 & 8, 2019 on the grounds of the Jefferson Parish Performing Arts Center
Visit www.whodatnationevents.com for complete lineup and information.
Get your tickets today at https://tinyurl.com/yyjj85u7

January 20, 2019 – The day the “New Orleans No Call” ripped the heart out of The Who Dat Nation. There’s no need in rehashing the details. It hurts too much. The obvious takeaway from the No Call is that it was simply unjust! In the aftermath, the big wigs in New York didn’t do anything about it. So, The Who Dat Nation channeled their disappointment in a way they always do; they threw a party! A massive one. They came together to show support , make their voices heard, and enjoy some great music. In defiance, many events were held on the day of the Big Game. Thousands filled Fulton street for a protest event. Thousands more packed the French Quarter. The result was a outpouring of support from around the country and rule change, which is a testament to the power of the WHO DAT NATION!

The Official Who Dat Rally & Music Festival will bring thousands of fans together to rally for the 2019 season. Fans will enjoy great music, food, beverages, and arts & crafts. There’s something for everyone; even the little Who Dats, and Who Dettes! The two-day event will take place September 7&8, just one day before the start of the season. The location is on the grounds of the Jefferson Performing Arts Center and LaSalle Park, all adjacent to the training facility.

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